Family of Five!

Family of Five!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A little discouraged!

We received a letter from the LifeSong for Orphans organization yesterday stating that we did not get approved for the grant we applied for. I was a little down about it yesterday as I was really praying and hoping to get accepted. I know that God has His hands in this all and will provide for us but with us now traveling sooner than expected, I am worried that we will not have the finances needed to travel. We have been thinking of some new fundraisers such as a raffle that we hope to get in the works soon.

A praise right now is the success of my back surgery. It was done on April 26th and I am finally starting to feel more like myself. Today for mother's day I was able to be up and walking around. Tomorrow is my follow-up appointment and I am hoping the doctor will release me to be able to drive again! Thank You all for your prayers.

We are still waiting on our approval letter from the USCIS and once we receive that, we can send all of our documents to the Ukraine. I have already scanned them all and sent them via email to our contact in the Ukraine and everything looked perfect! She will be traveling to an orphanage this week and hopes to take pictures of a couple girls available for adoption to send back to us. That is exciting! Another praise is that the SDA in Ukraine was expected to close for the summer to move to a new building and now they have postponed it to a later date so that is good news for us to be able to travel sooner.

Prayer requests right now are for our financial needs to be met and paper work to be completed as soon as possible!