Family of Five!

Family of Five!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Agency!

I want to say Thank You to Becca Hill with "Charis Orphan Care and Adoption Ministry" for helping us through this whole process and being a big part of the decision to adopt from the Ukraine. Becca and her husband Craig have adopted 4 children, 3 from the Ukraine and one from a domestic adoption. We had the pleasure of having them over last weekend and what a joy it was. Their daughters were so precious and brave! They all were willing to swim in our freezing cold pool, though they did get to warm up in the jacuzzi throughout it! Becca and Craig were so full of information and inspiration for us. Having a family being able to share their experiences and knowledge helped us finalize our decision to adopt from Ukraine. You can read about their ministry at:  

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Begining!

We are too excited! We finally found a social worker to do our home study. I (Allison) been talking to her and she is very sweet and knows her stuff. Her packet is in the mail and we can't wait to get started on everything! We have already sent away for our additional marriage licenses and my renewal of my passport. Monday will be our medical appointments and it goes on from there. We started talking to the boys about the adoption and asked Ethan if he wants an older sister or baby sister and he said that he wants an older sister. YAY! That is what mommy and daddy want too! He said that he wants a sister like the "girls" meaning my nieces. We hope to write our support letter this weekend and send them out next week so be on the look out in your mailboxes! Thank You for taking the time to come visit our site!